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Our company, Bach Nghe Seafarers Joint Stock Company (BCM), was established on 2021 as an extension of Haiphong Polytechnic College (Founded from 2001), enabling us to inherit the achievements of the college in training a team of seafarers ranging from ratings to the highest ranks of Ship Masters and Chief Engineers. Through the training and education process, Haiphong Polytechnic College has established comprehensive facilities, including a Bridge Simulator Training System, Main Engine Control Room, Diesel Generator, Auxiliary Machinery, Ship Electrical Systems similar to those on ships. With an experienced team of instructors, who are the Ship Masters and the Chief Engineers with many years of working onboard, Haiphong Polytechnic College has trained officers and seafarers who possess a solid theoretical foundation and hands-on experience using equipment available on campus.

Haiphong Polytechnic College (College) always places significant emphasis on training its students in the operation and maintenance of safety equipment. The campus includes an artificial lake equipped with lifeboats and rescue boats, providing students with practical training similar to onboard conditions.

Recognizing that the maritime industry universally regards English as the most commonly spoken language, the College places great importance on teaching Maritime English to its students. It is considered a mandatory requirement for students to pass rigorous examinations with stringent regulations, ensuring that they are proficient both in their skills and in regular English communication within the workplace.

Beyond professional and technical training and English language skills, the College consistently enforces and reminds its students to adhere to discipline in order to promptly adapt to the highly disciplined life onboard. Additionally, the college consistently instills safety consciousness and environmental protection awareness in its students. These aspects are seamlessly integrated into classroom lectures as well as practical exercises using cockpit simulators and operation procedures replicated in the workshop, mirroring onboard equipment arrangements.

Our company BCM is situated right within the premises of the College, granting us a significant advantage in direct access to an abundant and high-quality pool of Officers and Seafarers. We firmly believe that with key personnel from BCM, who are experienced Ship Masters and Chief Engineers, along with rigorous screening processes and retraining efforts built upon a foundation of modern technology, we are committed to providing a comprehensive team of officers and seafarers. This team is poised to meet the increasingly stringent demands of esteemed ship owners, who are reputable in the Maritime Industry.

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